Do we want our town surrounded by this…..
.…. or this…..
Rural surrounds
Urban Sprawl 2
Kiama’s close proximity to Sydney (and it’s greedy real-estate market) is placing increasing pressure on the region’s unique environmental resources.

Some local landowners are keen to re-develop their farm holdings, carving them into housing estates. One particular plan proposes the construction of another 1200 houses! (This guy has a fabulous land holding near Kiama, but lives in Sydney!).

Short-sighted, one-off profit-making developments such as this threaten to destroy all the things that make Kiama the wonderful place that it is!

Can’t anyone see past the short-term $$$$$$$ ??

There is a finite supply of land between the coast and the escarpment. This is not a discussion about if we will exhaust this supply of land, it is about when it will happen.

We desperately need some vision in planning at all levels of government – vision about people, vision about quality of life, vision about something other than how much money can be made by ‘mates’  carving up land.
We do not need more urban sprawl!
Neither do we have to have “urban consolidation”,
driven by nothing more than the short-term financial interests of
real-estate agents and developers!

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